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TFUG Listserv

The TFUG Listserv has been an integral part of the group since its creation. The mailing list is a great place to post questions, help other enthusiasts with their questions, share experiences, and relate news and events to the local free Unix community. As of May 2003, the TFUG mailing list had over 285 members.

In addition to the mailing list, a number of members monitor the TFUG IRC channel #tfug on Freenode. While potentially not as comprehensive as the mailing list, urgent questions and general member chat can be responded to in real time.

TFUG maintains an AUP applicable to all TFUG communication channels. On July 10, 2002, the mailing list was split into two groups to reduce the amount of off topic and potentially offensive/unwanted emails that subscribers would get. All flames, political/philosophical arguments, and other such emails should go to flames@tfug.org. The tfug@tfug.org list is for Unix-related discussions only.

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