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TFUG Unix Links

Welcome to the Tucson Free Unix Group's UNIX Links Page! Right now, there's not all that much here, but it's a start. What we really need are some good FreeBSD and programming links, so if you know of anything that you think should be included here, feel free to send it along, and we'll add it:


General Linux Links

  • Linux Documentation Project: The authoritative source for Linux documentation.
  • Linux Distributions: Information on various Linux distributions.
  • Linux Now!: Sunsite Mirror, and lots of other stuff.
  • Freshmeat: Linux software news, updated almost daily.
  • The Linux Gazette: a monthly on-line emag about Linux. A GREAT source of info; back issues are available.
  • The Linux Web Watcher: Monitors updates of the major Linux WWW sites.
  • Linux Weekly News: A general Linux news site.
  • Linux HOWTO Index: An index of Linux HOWTOs.
  • Linuxberg: Large collection of (organized) X11 and Console software for Linux. From the people who brought us TUCOWS, same layout.
  • Josh's Linux Guide: Various Linux Resources.
  • Linux Links: Various Linux Resources.
  • CNET Linux Help: A search engine that looks in all the Linux-related usenet groups using keywords.
  • Linux Links Portal Site: A Linux Portal site.
  • LiveFire Labs: Online UNIX Trainingwith Hands-on Internet Lab
  • Inventio Consulting: Linux Training Courses
  • Linux Pipeline: News, links, product finder, good stuff about Linux

  • FreeBSD
    General FreeBSD Links

  • FreeBSD Homepage: The FreeBSD Homepage.
  • Daemon News: A monthly e-zine covering topics on all the *BSD variations.
  • FreeBSD 'zine: another e-zine that covers a wide variety of topics relating to FreeBSD. No longer updated, archives 1999-2001.
  • The FreeBSD Mall: Online store to buy all things FreeBSD, from the newest CD-ROM to those cool T-shirts and stickers.
  • FreeBSD Forums: A new site with web based discussion forums on all your favorite FreeBSD topics.

  • NetBSD
    General NetBSD Links

  • The NetBSD Project: The NetBSD Project Homepage.
  • NetBSD FAQ: Ola Erikssons NetBSD FAQ.

  • OpenBSD
    General OpenBSD Links

  • OpenBSD Homepage: The OpenBSD Homepage.

  • X
    Links Related to the X Window System

  • The XFree86 Project: Homepage of one of the most commonly used X systems...it's free, after all...
  • Window Managers: A great place to find X window managers.
  • Kenton Lee's Homepage: If you have a question about X, this might be the place to look. Pretty technical stuff.

  • Perl
    Links Related to Larry Wall's Perl Programming Language

  • A Perl Tutorial: Getting started with the Perl Language...-BROKEN LINK

  • Mac
    68k/PPC Architecture

  • Free Unix for the Power Mac: unix OS choices for mac hardware

  • Miscellaneous
    Not listed above? It might be here

  • 2600: Local 2600 club
  • Voip Mogul: VoIP on Asterisk and related hardware discussion

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