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About TFUG

The purpose of the Tucson Free Unix Group is to provide mutual support in installing and running free Unix operating systems, such as Linux and FreeBSD. The group encourages the development of local expertise in using these wonderful operating systems and the software available to them. In addition to a listserv, wherein members can communicate, the group encourages the development of friendships, social gatherings, and otherwise hobnobbing with our fellow free Unix users.

The Tucson Free Unix Group began on January 1, 1998, with a single post to two Arizona StarNet support newsgroups. The writer asked if there were any other Linux users at StarNet and if they would like to start a support group. There was such an overwhelming response to this post that by January 14th, eighteen Linux and FreeBSD users formed the group. As of January 1999, the listserv had over 130 subscribers.

If you are a Linux or FreeBSD user, whether novice or expert, we invite you to join our group. Just subscribe to the listserv. In the spirit of the worldwide free software movement, there are no dues, membership cards, officers, assessments, or committees: just free Unix enthusiasts helping one another.


The Free Unix Community
Although there have been many documents written about the Free Software (or more recently called Open Source) Movement. One of the most widely revered, however, is The Cathedral and the Bazaar, an analog by Eric S. Raymond.
Linux and FreeBSD are two of the most popular modern free Unix operating systems.
The History of Unix
Unix, borne out of a need to allow multiple users to simultaneously utilize a computer, had its origin in 1969. This document, The Evolution of the Unix Time-sharing System, by Dennis M. Ritchie (one of the early pioneers of Unix and a creator of the C programming language), details its crea tion.