[Tfug] WD "green"

Bexley Hall bexley401 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 21 22:00:59 MST 2014


On 2/21/2014 8:45 PM, Bender wrote:
> Don,
> Do we have to ask?
> Drive Model #
> OS used on?
> What issues?

Sorry, I was asking thinking there may be something about
certain "product lines" (e.g., I think the "blue" drives tend
to be lower quality?)  I didn't expect folks to have experiences
on specific *models*...

This is a WD5000AAVS (I think... no idea where my glasses
are right now).

It came out of one of my NAS boxen so OS is basically irrelevant.

It appears to be needing multiple retries or somesuch.  I.e.,
what *I* see is much slower performance compared to another
drive in the same box.  Recently, I *think* this drive spun
itself down.

(I am guessing all this as the NAS crashed.  I've removed *this*
drive and the other drive is behaving well -- so far.)

> I have had issues in Linux with a
> WD10EZEX drive.
> I recall some talk in another forum about the Ez drives where they had
> an odd, non-standard SMART (or bleeding edge, perhaps) SMART implentation
> Replaced that drive with another and the issue disappeared.

But that was just a SMART issue?  Not affecting the drive's

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