[Tfug] 3D printing/prototyping suggestions

Timothy D. Lenz tlenz at vorgon.com
Tue Feb 18 14:31:24 MST 2014

I have heard that Office Max, or one of the office places was looking 
into offering 3d printing. Their system basicly layers up paper and 
laser cuts as it goes. You might want to look at the sites that offer 
DIY printers. People who buy/build them then offer printing services. 
Best bet would be the RepRap site:


For metal parts, this place even has a cad program to lay out the part, 
pick the materials, figure out what it will cost and place the order:


For other 3d printer sources:


To have PC boards made:


On 2/18/2014 1:22 PM, Adrian wrote:
> Does anyone have a favorite 3D printing shop they use? I had a list of
> small/hobby prototype manufacturers that would do one-offs pretty cheap, but I
> can no longer find it and Google isn;t really helping me. I'm looking to do a
> couple models for fit-up testing and later making sand cast molds, so extreme
> precision/finish is not required.
> Adrian
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