[Tfug] OT: World Care update

Bexley Hall bexley401 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 17 10:59:21 MST 2014

Hi Zack,

On 2/17/2014 10:24 AM, Zack Williams wrote:
> Thanks for the update Don!
> I usually dropped off older equipment at WC for recycling a few times
> each year - given the move, are they still allowing that?

I think so.  But, I think most donated stuff now just gets
"recycled" (instead of "reused", "resold").

They have a group of volunteers that disassemble computers
(motherboard goes in this pile, power supply in that pile,
scrap metal in yet another pile, etc.) so they can eek out
a few more pennies per pound from the "material recycler".
Anything that is too difficult to disassemble just gets
scrapped "whole".  (and plastic is just trash!)

I think only items that are obviously working ("as is") AND
having a significant resale value (and PROBABILITY) are
diverted for potential resale (e.g., laptops in reasonably
good condition).  I saw a couple of large (40+ inch) LCD/plasma
TV's there, recently, that will just be recycled when I'm pretty
sure they can be repaired for a few dollars and a few hours
(but WC doesn't have the expertise/inclination to do so).

Tempting to try to rescue them but I have a couple, already,
(repaired) for which I have to find "deserving" homes.  (A
neighbor's daughter is setting up house so that could be one
such destination).  And, once things sit around WC for more
than a few days, they tend to get pretty beat up (i.e., not
the sort of thing you'd want to look at in your living room).

But, as I stated, I have no idea what the future policy will
be.  They may not even bother to "test"/triage donations
and simply "scrap" everything that comes in the door.  I
don't want to speak for WC in that regard (I no longer
volunteer, there).  They have less of a formal "store" area
than they had at the Keene school.

Rather, my point was that, as a *source* of second hand kit,
they *may* be going away.  I know that UofA still holds
regular auctions -- as do other "commercial auctioneers"
in town.  And, all the "second hand/thrift" stores in town
seem to have a policy of accepting donated equipment -- which
they triage and resell.

And, the city has a monthly "recycling" event wherein they
will take donated equipment and see that it gets diverted
from the landfill (as toxic waste) -- I think this is handled
by a private group in cooperation with the city?

One thing volunteering at WC made clear was how much "e-waste"
gets generated -- often needlessly (routine update cycles;
simple repairs; devices that have gone out of fashion; etc.).
UofA auctions are even more *obscene*, in that regard!  "Your
tax dollars at work..."


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