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Robert Hunter hunter at tfug.org
Thu Feb 13 08:11:02 MST 2014

Hey there, Claude.

On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 1:47 PM, Claude Jager-Rubinson <cjr at grundrisse.org>
> On Thu, Feb 06, 2014 at 12:16:54PM -0700, Robert Hunter wrote:
> > It looks like there is quite a variety of media-serving software these
> > days.  Does anyone have experience with a DLNA-compliant server that
> > supports operations such as seeking and pausing?
> DLNA's a mess.  Functionality depends not just on what the server
> exposes but what the client implements and accepts.  So I've had
> situations in which my Panasonic blu-ray could seek while my Samsung
> blu-ray couldn't.  As well as situations in which a file format is
> accepted by my Panasonic tv but not my Panasonic blu-ray.
> If you're determined to go down the DLNA route, XBMC's implementation
> is strong and I've read nothing but good things about Plex (although
> it's proprietary).  minidlna is really easy to set up, but limited in
> functionality.  But my experience is that DLNA simply requires too
> much handholding and that you'd be better served by just buying a
> blu-ray burner.  Or if you really want a media server, hook a box up
> to your tv and run XBMC (or Plex or whatever).

Thanks. I thought perhaps I was having just a bit of bad luck. I still am
attracted to the idea of streaming media over home WiFi.  But for now I
will just run HDMI to a Linux box.  I am also intrigued with Zack's
suggestion in a RasberryPi-based solution.
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