[Tfug] Some jobs TFUG might be interested in

Tyler Kilian vaca at grazeland.com
Thu Jan 5 18:12:02 MST 2012

Hello all!

TEP is currently hiring for a few IT positions and I thought the  
folks here might be interested or know someone who is.  Details are,  
of course, found at TEP.COM.  TEP offers exemplary pay and benefits  
in Tucson and affords the opportunity to work with a variety of  
technologies in a fast-paced environment.

First, there is a Systems Administration position, level I-III.  TEP  
is mostly Windows based and virtualized on VMWare.  There is a  
smaller mixture of Red Hat and Solaris as well.  This group also  
manages enterprise storage.

Second, there is a Network Administration position, level II-Senior.   
TEP is a primarily Cisco shop and operates networks and Data Centers  
across the city and state.

Lastly, there is a Help Desk position, level I-III.  TEP supports a  
variety of business clients in regards to client hardware and software.

That 's it, short and sweet. :)

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