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John Arthur johnarthur at writeme.com
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Dear Moderator,

 Congratulations on your career as a police officer - we really appreciate your incredible sacrifice in the name of the people. Hopefully, the prior statement is accurate and has meaning.

 O' I'm sorry, I thought this was Tucson "Freedom" Unix Group? My mistake!

 Nonetheless, is the purpose of TFUG, to quote you when you are writing out of one side of your convenience, is: "This is a tech list specific to Free Unix. Related topics include all open source products and service and off topic subjects, such as MS-Windows."

 But, let me apologize here, I didn't realize we changed the purpose of the list to POLITICAL and my God, don't speak of something health related in trade for some LAMP help or you'll be chastised by the ones who says "do as I say not as I do."

 So, now that we all have a license to write POLITICALY, I have a question. Were you a Keeper of the Peace or a Revenue Police Officer as many in the various PD's now fully realize, 50 years too late, that they have become?

 You see, looking at your "judging people" just because they don't have an I.D. or better yet, refuse to participate with the "Demonocracy," because you "ASSUME" they must be hiding something or lying about their identity, reveals your true nature at this time and likely when you were clothed under the color of law.

 No Sir, for many of us who came out from among the Beast System and it's minions doing their evil work, the matter is one of Liberty and Faith, as provided for by the Author of Liberty!

 Which one is it? We live in a Free Society under LIBERTY, or we are compelled to be a card carrying Beast System Slave with "their" Slavery I.D. Number? O' I forgot, it is only your version of Liberty that matters - sorry - don't hit me with your Billy Club - please Master please.

 Liberty means without restraint coercion or control by others. And if you think you live in Liberty in the USA, I have got some Florida Land for sale you'd be interested in. Either get on the Author of Liberty's Team or admit you are on Satan's Socialist Team - and remember, those who have one foot in both camps, are HATED the most by the Creator, for they are luke warm and shall be spewed from his mouth. At least be either Hot of Cold, for it is better for you in the end result.

 I shutter to consider how many people's private lives the Minion Outfit you worked for barged into. How many were harassed and disrupted due to your being a card carrying member of the "Beast System" and loving it so? How many had no desire to speak with you, terminating your Field Interviews, yet, you barged right on in and over them with the Color of Law Authority of the Anti-Liberty, therefore Anti-Justice and hence Anti-Christ evil ones, while calling yourself good? There was a Pastor Niemier from Germany, a few decades back, that has a message for you.

 I have come to know, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Love your neighbor and set them free, live and let live, stop putting your view of life upon others and watch the hate subside and peace and tranquility come back to the land.

 The Creator knows who we all are and such is no man's business, but a busybody, unless clothed in the color of law in pursuit of an actual crime with probable cause and such must be of a lawful common law purpose, such as rape, robbery, fraud and such, not man's statutory authority of do this don't do that, can't you read the sign.

 Many now realize, in example, the Drivers License never was about how you tool down the road in your conveyance. Driving to this day is defined under U.S.C. 18 wherein such falls under the Commerce Clause where-under one must be carrying a passenger or load for hire and then traveling over state lines - NO, your I.D's. you love so much are ABOUT CONTROL AND ABSOLUTE CONTROL - in contradistinction to LIBERTY! Say it isn't so!

 To those who lack understanding out in TFUG Land, wake up and smell the roses. The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, has been turned into the Land of the Fee and Home of the Slave - AND WAS DONE SO ONLY BY THE AGREEMENT OF THE BUSYBODY HAVING THE VEIL PULLED SO TIGHTLY OVER THEIR MINDS - One Bad Law at a Time Until the Frog is Cooked. 

 Perhaps most importantly, don't forget, soon you'll need your National Health I.D. Card before you can seek medical help and your Carbon Aspiration Tax I.D. Card, before you can exhale.

 Nuff said, except does anyone want to help with the POLITICAL project titled: "But We Can Still Vote Can't We?"
 Don't bother writing back, unless you want to table Unix/Linux or computer related questions and answers as per the Moderator himself!


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 If someone does not want to go to the polls because they do no WANT to show their ID? Sounds like they have bigger issues.

 I spent 9 years as a police officer. The only people who had no ID were hiding something or lying about there identity. 

 Voting like all other rights come with some requirement. In this case it is not unreasonable to require an ID to verify that person is who they say they are. 

 Keith Smith

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 On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 11:18, keith smith <klsmith2020 at yahoo.com /mc/compose?to=klsmith2020 at yahoo.com > wrote:

 You twist my words. I said no such thing.
 Just drawing conclusions. No twisting necessary.

 I think it is a travesty for anyone to be denied the right to vote. I also want people to be responsible. If you cannot be responsible then why should you be allowed to vote!
 So it's irresponsible to have ID? Again. Not twisting your words.

 If there is a disability then I think that person needs to be aided in obtaining an ID and a voter registration.
 Why? Why is ID required? If they register to vote, that is sufficient.

 I find it almost amusing that people will argue that one should not be required to show a valid ID to vote. Almost everything in the United States requires an ID.
 No, it doesn't. I can walk down the street without ID. I can play in the park. What you're thinking of is "money".

 Can you attend school or college without an ID?
 Yes. My son does not require ID to attend school.

 Can you drive without a drivers license?
 Driving is not a right. It is a privilege.

 I'll bet and ID is a requirement for food stamps and section 8 housing.
 I also don't know eff all about this.

 To get a loan you need ID.
 Again, not a right.

 You may need an ID to buy cigarettes or alcohol.
 Again, not a right, and controlled by age.

 Very few things do not require an ID.
 That is incorrect. You can breed without ID. You can shower. You can do work (though employers are now obliged to ask for proof of nationality and eligibility to work).

 I do not buy the argument that not having an ID keeps anyone from voting. People keep themselves from not being able to vote. 
 Fair enough. That's your opinion. And yet people stay away from the polls because they do not want to show their ID.

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