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On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 11:50, keith smith <klsmith2020 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> If someone does not want to go to the polls because they do no WANT to
> show their ID?  Sounds like they have bigger issues.
Perhaps they're afraid of profiling? Jus' sayin'. They could be living in
the US perfectly legally – or maybe they have no such documentation? People
such as the spouse or child of a documented immigrant. Speshly south of
22nd… right? So yes, I agree they have bigger issues. But *not ones that
should prevent them from voting*.

I spent 9 years as a police officer.  The only people who had no ID were
> hiding something or lying about there identity.
Your view on society is therefore skewed, understandably, by the type of
people you come across: typically dishonest, engaging in suspicious
behavior, etc. I.e., very rarely those just walking the street, buying
groceries, or at home taking care of children. You did a tough job, and I'm
sure we all appreciate your work. Thank you.

> Voting like all other rights come with some requirement.  In this case it
> is not unreasonable to require an ID to verify that person is who they say
> they are.
Agreed, rights come with some requirement. The general requirement to vote
is that you register lawfully and show your voter registration document
when you go to vote. Imposing an additional burden is unreasonable. It is
either making the assumption that everyone who has the right to vote and
registers to do so will also have government issued ID; or it is making the
assertion that everyone over the age of 18 must carry government issued
photo ID. That is where you and I started butting heads on this. (If you
want to continue, just rewind, reread.)

Anyway. Time to take back what I said about poll tax and (Boston) Tea
Party: I was trolling for a punchline about paying to go to London to be
represented, but it seems less funny as time wears on. (Still, what did
they expect when they checked out of society?)

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