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You twist my words.  I said no such thing.

I think it is a travesty for anyone to be denied the right to vote.  I also want people to be responsible.  If you cannot be responsible then why should you be allowed to vote!

If there is a disability then I think that person needs to be aided in obtaining an ID and a voter registration.

I find it almost amusing that people will argue that one should not be required to show a valid ID to vote.  Almost everything in the United States requires an ID.

Can you attend school or college without an ID?  Can you drive without a drivers license?  I'll bet and ID is a requirement for food stamps and section 8 housing.

To get a loan you need ID.  You may need an ID to buy cigarettes or alcohol.

Very few things do not require an ID.

I do not buy the argument that not having an ID keeps anyone from voting.  People keep themselves from not being able to vote.  



Keith Smith

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Ok, so people who can't get their act together, or have checked out of society, are the reason we want to forgo requiring an ID at the polls?

You're saying stay-at-home moms with hardworking husbands who do all the driving have somehow checked out of society, or they can't get their act together. Be careful, Keith, with a line like that you might have to run for the GOP nomination.

Many people just don't have government issued photo ID. That does not make them "out of society" or unable to conduct themselves properly.
The simple reason we should not require ID at the polls is because it places a burden of cost on people in order to vote. I seem to remember some "Tea Party" back in the day when there was a poll tax.


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