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What you have done is great.  It shows you are a good citizen and good community member.

I submit to you that a person in this situation needs extra help in getting to the polls, getting an ID, and getting registered.

I'll be the local Dem or Repub committee has made provisions for such cases ans would help ensure they get and ID and are registered to vote.  

Did you have a case where someone was blocked from voting because they could not get an ID?


Keith Smith

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I used to volunteer with old and disabled people - Helping them to get to the polls to vote. Let me just say that a requirement for an ID has made it harder for them to vote at the polls, and amounts to a kind of poll tax for people who don't drive, and don't have much spending cash due to disability or age.

The reality is that if you are disabled (ie for example cerebral palsy) your brain can be very sharp and you are perfectly capable of voting.
However, you may live in an assisted living apartment because you may have difficulty cooking, cleaning etc, and you only have about $90 a month for discretionary spending because your disability goes to assisted living. You do not have a drivers license. You now have to get a government ID to vote.

The cost for a ride to/ from the DMV and the fee for the ID could set you back a whole month's discretionary cash. This is equivalent to someone at average income having to pay maybe $1000 to get it.

When there was a poll tax in southern states it was deemed unconstitutional.  You are not supposed to have to pay to vote.

The big irony with all this in Arizona is that the requirement for ID is waived if you do a mail in ballot. How silly is that?

If someone here believes that "Voter Fraud" (organized illegal voting) as opposed to "Election Fraud"(organized manipulation of election results on the part of someone with access to the ballots) really exists beyond a random level (ie there is any chance it has had any effect on the outcome of an election), I would like to read about the documentation of this example.

-- Shanna Leonard
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