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Let's stay on track.  Please educate me on how requiring an ID at the polls adversely effects anyone.


Keith Smith

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The Obama administration is using the AG's office to try to remove the requirement for ID when voting.  Why?  To encourage voter fraud.  

This is death by 1000 slashes. Hilarious. Almost as if you've never heard of the fraud of denying people their voting rights when they carry their voter registration materials. And typically it affects minorities. Requiring government issued ID for every interaction is an insidious step down the road to a police state. And when it affects minorites first, you know where that's going.

And young people:

I think we can both agree that what we want is a "fair" system.    The problem is defining "fair" - is it fair that (assuming an 80 year lifespan) a 20 year old with 3/4 of a life ahead of them gets a vote that is the same weight the same weight as a 60 year old with only 1/4 of theirs?   Is it fair that people convicted of certain crimes get their votes taken away?   Is it fair that there's an age requirement to vote, but no age limit? 

Then again, life isn't fair... that doesn't prevent us from coming up with hair brained schemes in attempts to make it moreso. 
- Zack 

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