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Jim March 1.jim.march at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 16:42:13 MST 2012

> More like the laws in place are dumb. Personally, I wouldn't shed a
> tear if there was an outright ban  on any special election related
> privileges being given to any people or organizations over others.

Well let's take the specific case of election observation.  You are
absolutely correct: political parties should have no more rights to do
anything over any other type of group or citizens in general.  This
includes election observation.  And in many other states observation is
already a right of the people instead of political parties.  (cont. in a

> Participating in such a system seems to reinforce the inequity of said
> system, IMHO.
> - Zack

This evening I'm going over to the Pima County Libertarian Party chairman's
house to pick up a signed set of election observer credentials for
tomorrow's election.  You seem to be suggesting that it's wrong for me to
do this?

If so, I don't suppose you have the roughly $60,000 sitting around to take
it to court, up through the AZ Supreme Court?  And in the three to five
years that's going on, you think everybody should let elections go on with
no observation at all?

Tell me Zack, before I drive over to my party chairman's house tonight, as
this is NOT a theoretical discussion for me: what am I supposed to do?

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