[Tfug] A really, really interesting job opportunity...

keith smith klsmith2020 at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 14 17:43:18 MST 2012

i think you will have some responsibilities.  The session has not ended yet from what I understand, however it is close.  I also hear they meet at the capital weekly.

I think the job is much harder than the $2000 compensation, even after the session ends.


Keith Smith

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    In case anyone was looking for a more graphical representation of





    Based on the history here, if you re-register today as an
    independent, you probably have a shot at it as well.





    On 4/14/12 8:55 AM, Jim March wrote:
    If anybody lives in Legislative District 29, and is
      registered independent (read: no political party preference), how
      would you like $2,000/mo until the end of the year, for doing
      practically nothing?




      Yes, that's right, in a really weird twist of fate, YOU could be
      an Arizona State Legislator :).


      Here's what happened: Daniel Patterson was the rep in LD29.  His
      girlfriend got addicted to meth and then claimed he beat her up. 
      Too many other legicritters didn't like him and were about to vote
      to toss his butt out.  Pissed off at the Democrats, he
      re-registered as an independent.  He then decided to quit, and
      just before he did he re-registered Democrat.  That last
      re-registration didn't take.  So now they have to appoint an
      independent to replace him.


      Easy gig.  Easy money.  Significant Other not on meth a plus.


      Seriously, if interested I have the contacts to make this
      happen...and I figure TFUGers are an independent-minded lot where
      we can find somebody unlikely to be a crook.  More details in
      today's Arizona Daily Star:









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