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On Apr 6, 2012 8:13 AM, "Zack Williams" <zdwzdw at gmail.com> wrote:
> Android has different device size/density profiles:
> http://developer.android.com/guide/practices/screens_support.html
> I'm not sure how easy it is for an end user to switch between these.

I've read briefly about these before and my understanding is that,
normally, you can't change them at all.  There are some apps for rooted
devices that will let you change it.  Might be different for Android 4.0,

> Most firmware loadouts only support the hardware known to be in the
> device, so it's probably not as simple as plugging in a USB dongle and
> having it work. Given the ability to run your own kernel/bootloader,
> it's likely you could patch it so it works, but this is probably quite
> a bit of trouble.

Yes, that makes sense.  I emailed the company, too, and they said they were
unaware of any workaround.  Of course, they probably assumed I wouldn't go
to the trouble of rooting and/or changing ROMs.

> I'd definitely make sure you could get a 3rd party kernel (Cyanogen or
> similar) for it, just to futureproof the device in terms of software.

This Google offer (and a similar concurrent one from Groupon) has caused
quite a bit of Net chatter which is now showing up via Google searches.
>From those discussions, I have learned that this tablet, like so many
electronic devices now, made by a Chinese company and then rebranded and
slightly tweaked by a dozen or so vendors.  The upside is that what works
for one will almost certainly work for another.

I found a great blog post where a guy was doing a lot of work on his to fix
it up just how he wanted and the quality was such that I'm fairly sure he
knew his stuff.  Next on his todo list was getting a Bluetooth dongle
working.  So, if it hasn't been done yet, I think he'll have it soon.

These tablets are very nicely unlocked and some even come already rooted,
so changing stuff shouldn't be an issue.

But... another nice effect of all this discussion is the comparison to
other devices.  Somebody pointed out the HTC Flyer tablet.  It's a lot more
than $125, but is still just within my personal budget of $200 or less.
And you get a *lot* for those extra bucks.  Some features I want
(Bluetooth), some that are nice to have (more resolution, GPS), and some I
don't need at all (3G).  Most importantly, though, it has twice the storage
space and twice the RAM (1 GB).  If my Droid 1 and current Droid 3 have
taught me anything, it's that extra RAM makes Android devices much faster
because apps aren't starting and stopping all the time.

I still need to check some more, but as long as the Flyer isn't all locked
up and I don't have to jump through hoops to get it for $199, I think this
will be my choice.  If it is a pain to work with, the Skypad offer is still
valid for a little while longer yet.

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