[Tfug] cloud storage for backups and sharing

JD Rogers rogersjd at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 13:47:10 MST 2012

Hi all,

I just started looking into cloud storage for backups. Here's what I
would consider ideal:

1. syncable: ideally, a local folder is synced periodically to the
drive using something efficient like rsync
2. encrypted: not sure how best to do this, but I would think that to
avoid destroying the efficiency of rsync, this would have to be
filesystem level like ecryptfs
3. sharable: should be able to select a subfolder that is shared with
selected users (preferably with fine grained permission control). I
guess this would require multiple passwords like luks.
4. longevity: a minor concern, but I'd prefer a company that is likely
to be around for a while
5. compatibility: linux is a must, support would be great in
decreasing priority - android, windows, and while I'm at it, I might
as well want osX too. :-)

It seems like amazon not only does not support encryption, but
actually states in their terms that they require access to your files.
I also see no way to share a folder with another user.

I heard about "google user managed storage", but can't seem to find
it.. now I guess there is "google cloud storage", which appears to
charge for storage and bandwidth separately. Anyone with any
experience with this?

Ubuntu1 might be interesting. It looks like folders can be shared.
Sync is there. It even looks like it has revision history and a
windows client. I'm still trying to figure out how encryption might
work. I guess in the worst case, there should be a way to setup a
subdir that is encrypted locally with ecryptfs, and then unmount the
dir before syncing. Anyone have any experience or ideas about that?


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