[Tfug] OT: how a technical analysis of an election actually works...

Jim March 1.jim.march at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 18:40:46 MST 2012


As there was some interest in a previous discussion, I've finished
analyzing the 3/13/2012 Flagstaff mayoral race based on public records
access.  This where the Sandisk Cruzer U3 showed up.  I wrote the records
request for a candidate up there, he filed it, Emailed the results, I spend
a couple days chewing on it.

The result: this county is committing fraud.  It's not just the memory
stick bouncing in and out, they're literally keeping two sets of books -
duplicate copies of the central tabulator database file.  While I only have
one copy (and the audit log connected to it) there are clear traces of the
other (well, at least one other!) in the Windows System Event Log.


Bonus inclusion of an XKCD strip :).

If we're going to have electronic elections, we need geeks willing to step
up and help dissect the digital traces after the fact.  In this case we
know down to the second when one part of the fraud occurred and where...and
guess what?  There's a camera pointing there.

We'll see if that video survives.

I'd appreciate it if we could limit this report to TFUG for now.  The
candidate in Flagstaff is probably going public tomorrow, and I may go
there next week to address the county board of supes and the Flagstaff city

This is all volunteer stuff on my part so far.  I might get a small chunk
of money to go visit Flagstaff next week...maybe.


PS: if anybody wants the source public records files to check my work I'll
be happy to provide.
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