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Does the constitution say no ID to vote?? I don't think so.
It says everyone has the right to vote. By layering on conditions, then by degrees, that right is being eroded.

Actually, sadly, the constitution does not actually give us as US  
citizens the right to vote for federal office. Well, only for US 
senators,  but not for Presidents, and not for Congress as far as I know.

Everything else is up to states (except they cant say, give the vote to 
white male land owners, and no one else, and there are other 
restrictions on how this right is provided). Otherwise States may do as 
they please. We don't actually have the right to vote for president, 
States can decide how presidential electors are selected. You can cast 
your nice ballot, but it doesn't necessarily mean bupkis. Bush v Gore 
showed this.

I wish it was different.  If you can find in the constitution where it 
says we have a positive right to vote for US or state government 
officials (other than senators) let me know.

Shanna Leonard
ssl at email.arizona.edu

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