[Tfug] Well, now i've seen it all.

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No. It's just that i'd prefer that the Unix variant i'm using not have a layout designed by children who haven't yet grasped the concept of "It's there for a reason. Learn what it does, first, before you decide it can be improved upon." 

Refer to the analogy I used. :) It's the best one I can come up with to describe the problem..Someone comes along and tells you that your car's tires can be improved upon using a new and impressive tire design. One that offers improved friction and better braking distance by virtue of having more rubber in contact with the ground. It's only after you realize they're referring to triangular tires that you realize how unbelievably fucking stupid it is, and go back to round tires. I'm all for re-examining the ways we do things in Unix, but by the same token, I don't need a well-meaning, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed youngster with 3 years of Unix experience under his belt selling me (or you) on an idea they think works better than what's already been in place for 40 years. :) 

I actually took some time and read up on systemd/upstart. IMHO, In the end, they're both fantastic solutions to a problem which don't exist, and were both born from a lack of understanding of basic Unix concepts. Linux seems regularly haunted with this sort of phenomenon. Someone in a position to determine the shape of a distro doesn't really get a certain concept, so, rather than learn it, he goes about reinventing the wheel. The reinvention process is deemed important by throngs of people who simply assume that since it's new, it's better. They then invest in the time required to learn how a new wheel should be invented, and the proverbial ball starts rolling. 

The same thing is likely going to occur here. The loveable funsters hard at work on the triangular tire will eventually discover that square tires work a little better, then pentagonal tires, then heptagonal, then, octagonal, dodecagonal....working their way right back to the way shit used to be. I'm just tired of watching that crap. 

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> ...and people wonder why I switched to OS X. 

You couldn't want for Linux to get around to coming up with a few 
implementations of the idea and not quite settling on one yet? 

Seriously tho, yes, F15 is seriously pushing one of the alternatives 
to sysvinit so in a few more cycles there should really be something 
useful here for most. 


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