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Solaris 10 did the same thing years ago with SMF, there are some good
reasons to be done with inittab. You can't create dependancies, startup
processes were serial instead of parallel nor can you support "self
healing". It's not the end of the world.

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> Fedora 15 no longer supports /etc/inittab.
> Read that line carefully and think about that for a moment. Let it sink in.
> Sip some coffee and give that idea a good minute or two to settle. Close
> your eyes and breathe deep. What's it mean?
> It means the geniuses behind Fedora think that.......init.....should
> be...obedient...to a process.... init...itself...creates.
> In English:
> "I cannot help but notice your vehicle uses old-fashioned ROUND tires!
> Allow me to introduce you to my superior TRIANGULAR design! Please move
> aside whilst I affix these triangular tires upon your vehicle, thus allowing
> greater rubber-to-road contact, and improving its traction greatly!"
> You know that episode of South Park where Kyle has PTSD flashbacks of
> Steven Spielberg and George Lucas gang-raping Indiana Jones? Replace Indiana
> Jones with Linux, and Spielberg+Lucas with Fedora's maintainers, and you'll
> get a good idea of what we're talking about. First it was patching the
> *kernel* to allow bloated GUI code to run better.. Now they've taken the
> basic ecosystem of Unix, and decided that the equivalent of God should first
> consult a giraffe living in Antarctica regarding whether or not it rains on
> the Moon.
> ...and people wonder why I switched to OS X.
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