[Tfug] Its funny!

Mike Abeyta kg6cmi at msn.com
Tue May 31 18:28:04 MST 2011

Three yrs ago I did not know a soul that ran Linux. I got into a project 
were I needed an OS and Linux was just what the doctor ordered. Here we 
are three yrs later and I have converted about 100 machines over to 
Linux! Those are desktop machines in the hands of 14yr old kids to 73 yr 
old social workers and for the last three yrs I have read how Linux is 
on the decline! I find that hard to believe 3yrs ago there was a long 
line of things that I could not do with Linux. Today not only do I use 
it every day but I also use it at work with such ease that our IT 
department did not realize it. Now if a dummy like me can pull that off 
well you get the point. I hope that Linux is not on the decline. Cause 
let me tell you if I have to spend my whole life with Win7 and the time 
it takes just to keep the wifes up and debugged well I will be looking 
for an abacus.

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