[Tfug] Distrob that's set up to use webcams with flash

Linux Media linuxmedia2 at aim.com
Tue May 3 16:09:05 MST 2011

Hey everyone,

Can someone tell me a distrob that is set up so my webcam will work with 
flash out of the box. I've been trying to alter my Fedora setup with no 
prevail. I can install the distrob onto a spare drive and run it when I 
want to use the various chat rooms that use flash. That's all I'm 
looking for in this distrob... a quick solution that I can boot into, 
use the webcam with flash, then boot back into my Fedora set up.

Of course... if someone has gotten this to work with Fedora 14, that's 
even better.


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