[Tfug] Shameless parts trafficing

Adrian choprboy at dakotacom.net
Sun May 1 04:44:04 MST 2011

I decided its finally time to divest myself from a pile of assorted servers I 
no longer use. I'd like to get something for this, otherwise its going to 
recycling. All of this is available to TFUG members on a first come/first 
serve basis, some assembly required, no warranty conveyed or implied, limited 
time offer, not available in stores, actual product may differ from picture, 
mileage based on typical driving, may contain peanuts or peanut residue...

 - Intel SC450NX Quad Xeon server - 4x 400Mhz PII Xeon, 2GB RAM installed at 
the moment I think not really sure, CD-RW installed, space for 2 more 5.25" 
drives, up to 6x 3.5" 80pin SCA SCSI hotplug drives, 3x 420W redundant power 
supplies. I had 4x 36GB in it last time I used it several years ago doing DB 
work, has 4 sleds not sure where the other 2 sleds are as I haven't run 
across that box yet, no drives included. Also has a Fibre Channel card, quad 
ethernet, misc other.

 - Parts for 2 more SC450NX servers sans case, motherboards, memory risers, PS 
and redundancy board, 4x Xeon CPUs, not sure of the speed I had 4x 400Mhz and 
4x 300 or 350Mhz, but I'm not sure where they all are hiding. I had these 
bolted to rackmount shelves and running at one point, my plan was to build a 
6x4 cluster in a custom rack at some point... but lack of time and space got 
in the way.

 - Sun E3500 server, has CPUs and memory, but I can't remember what, takes 1/2 
height FC drives but no sleds included. I had this up and running for a 
while, but the heatsinks started delaminating from the chips (Sun originally 
used thermal adhesive to attach the heatsinks) and was causing bus errors. I 
had other equipment and lost interest in fixing it.

 - Sun E450 server, has CPUs and memory but I can't remember what. Takes 80pin 
SCA SCSI drives. I had this powered up at one point... but I can't remember 
anything I actually did with it...

 - 2x MTI/Xyratex SS-1200-FC drive arrays, 12x 1Gb FCAL 1/2 height Fibre 
Channel drives each. Both include all PS/sleds, but no drives, a fan/PS unit 
in one has failed (each has 2 redundant), I had one packed with 9GB drives at 
one point and used the second occasionally, but it was mostly for spare parts 
if needed.

 - 2x 19" 10U transport racks, heavy steel construction with side handles, 18" 
deep, open front and back, takes standard clip nuts to attach your rackmount 
equipment, but I'm not sure where the ones I had went.

 - 3x 4U heavy cantilever rackmount shelves, about 15" deep, these were 
originally built for holding 2 lab power supplies, but I used them for 
mounting assorted equipment.

 - Several boxes assorted circuit boards for scrapping/parts, from all sorts 
of equipment. Lots of 4000 CMOS and 7400 TTL DIP chips, some op-amps, various 
crystals, resistors/capacitors, connectors, the occasional processor, some 
flyback transformers, RF frontends, about 20 new 100pin (2x50) card edge 
connectors with wire wrap pins, cards with connectors, etc. I used to pull 
all sorts of components off for building circuits and experimenting, these 
boards are mostly still packed.

I may find other stuff.. I'm still digging thru boxes. Make me an offer I 
can;t refuse.


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