[Tfug] Help getting new laptop to suspend/hibernate correctly

Thomas Warburton twarburton at cox.net
Wed Aug 31 10:32:14 MST 2011

Follow up--------

I found this on the MSI Tech Support site:
Now what do we do?    Tom W


*Using MS-6119, if you press suspend button in Windows 98 ACPI mode, the 
system will enter suspend mode and wake up immediately. Why?*


*This is caused by the PIIX4E chipset. The suspend button is connected 
to the external SMI signal, yet the external SMI is not service under 
ACPI mode. Thus, when you press the button, BIOS will intercept the 
signal and pass to the ACPI O.S. However, since ACPI cannot service it, 
it would wake the system up again.*

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