[Tfug] WorldCare sales

Paul Steinbach MIS at samlevitz.com
Fri Oct 15 13:29:29 MST 2010

  WorldCare keeps a "bookstore" with lots of computer items open from 
9AM to 2-3PM Monday-Saturday.  They have computers, monitors, keyboards, 
CD-ROMs, printers, etc easily accessible for great prices.   Last I saw 
they were selling bundles of 10 P4/AMD64 small form factors for 
something like $150 on Craigslist.  They often have neat vintage audio 
gear if you are into that.

The more esoteric stuff is harder to get because it is in a special room 
and is not normally very accessible.  If someone E-mails me off-list 
(psteinbach857-gmail.com or paul-cogtools.biz) with a reasonable amount 
of lead time, I can get by there and check what we have and price it.  I 
like the idea of a regular yard sale coupled with a meeting so that  I 
have a concrete target for my procrastinating ADD self.

Right now there is a room filled with IBM ZPro/MPro P4 and Xeon 
workstations, MPC P4 all-in-one computers and Cisco VoIP phones.  Talk 
to Pam for a price.

I have a fair amount of Sun equipment also looking for a good home.

Paul Steinbach
MIS Manager
Sam Levitz Furniture

E-mail: MIS at samlevitz.com
Phone:  520.624.7443 X2571
Cell:   520.247.5730

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