[Tfug] Shooters

Glen Pfeiffer glen at thepfeiffers.net
Tue Oct 12 15:12:13 MST 2010

I would like to start off saying that this is an open group and 
everyone is encouraged to host any meetings you would like.

As for holding the occasional Thursday Happy Hour at a different 
location, I am 100% in favor of it. But I do want to maintain a 
relatively standard location for it as that makes it easier for 
many of us to remember.

I am also open to finding a new permanent location for Thursday 
Happy Hours. But as I've said before, I have very limited time 
and I live far enough away that it is a real chore to drive down 
to that area just to check out new meeting locations. 

If you would like to propose a new place for the Thursday Happy 
Hour, I have the following criteria. The restaurant must:

- Be able to easily split checks between many individuals.
- Be able to easily close out one person and not the rest.
- Have a decent beer selection, including imports and craft beer.
- Does not have an age limit at any time on meeting night.
- Have a decent selection of food at a reasonable cost.
- Be open late.
- Must be quite enough to carry on conversations without 
- Must be able to put several tables together.

  (Note: The above requirement does not need to apply if you 
  decide to organize your own meeting.)

Here are the lasts two posts I made on this subject (where I also 
posted the above list of requirements):

I have heard this mentioned many times on this list. For those of 
you that want to have a meeting on a different day or at a 
different location, just get started on it and I will try to 
support you.

There are a very select few that have been very vocal about this 
without ever taking any action. To you I say that I hope you are 
able to overcome whatever it is that prevents you from organizing 
your own meeting so that you can finally have a meeting in a 
location that you are happy with.

Additionally, I will do my best to attend any non-Thursday Happy 
Hour meetings that you organize, and I will try to help in the 
organization effort if you need it. But you will need to take the 
lead in that effort.


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