[Tfug] UTF in source code?

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Sat Oct 2 06:48:12 MST 2010

Generally the code is limited to 8bits,  While character values can be

So the code you write cannot have phi the text you work with can.

I have not kept up but this was true a while back.


On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 11:50 PM, John Gruenenfelder <johng at as.arizona.edu>wrote:

> Greetings,
> I'm in the process of writing my own ray tracer.  Not surprisingly, when
> you
> deal with anything curved, you end up with variables representing phi, pi,
> theta, etc.  Of course, right now I am just spelling them out like that.
> But, are a great many programs UTF-8 (or whatever) happy now?  For example,
> I'm writing in EMACS and compiling with g++.  Anybody know if they handle
> correctly?
> If they do, it would be nice to actually use the pi character and others.
>  I'd
> have to find out how to type these in Emacs properly, but Google can help
> there.  I didn't find much info about UTF-8 support, though.
> Anybody tried this?  Or maybe you wrote some code in a foreign language
> (naturally just the comments)?
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