[Tfug] OT: Fairly simple relational database quick job bids...

Zack Williams zdwzdw at gmail.com
Fri Oct 1 15:20:37 MST 2010

> Will this take into account entries in the main (larger) data that
> don't have any corresponding "event entries"?

Actually, the code given only unifies the second file.  I spaced the
first requirement, as I was skimming the email and had to leave so
that's about a 8 minute script - I'll try for a better solution later,
or others can add to what I already wrote (not hard - just sort the
other file, then iterate through both files at the same time, printing
out results when and ID match is found).

> Will it also take into
> account the "zero padding" present in the ID number of one of the
> files?

Yes.  It both sort/perl do numerical comparisons.

- Zack

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