[Tfug] OT: Fairly simple relational database quick job bids...

Jim March 1.jim.march at gmail.com
Fri Oct 1 10:48:01 MST 2010


I need a contract on what we think is a fairly simple relational
database problem.

What he's got is "raw data" somebody to chew on.

He has two .CSV files.

The first is 112megs, listing people and details about them as a
single line (record).  There's a unique ID number in one field.

The second is 100megs, with each record only three fields long.  The
first field contains the unique ID number, the second contains a
number for an event they participated in, the third is not really
relevant.  For each person there will be several lines (records).



This tells us that voter 1234543 was involved in events 2, 5, 6 and 7.

One complication: it's common for the data on events to contain a ID
number of "123456" where the main data on the people lists the ID
number as "00123456".  That'll have to be parsed somehow.

What we need is all this combined into a flat database, still a .CSV
so he can import it into Filemaker Pro.  In other words, it'll have
extra fields showing which events this particular person was involved

I'm thinking probably a simple bash script could do it, or use the
database tool of your choice with .CSV output.

There would be a strict non-disclosure on this - nobody is supposed to
ever sell this mailing list for commercial purposes.  You'll get it in
an encrypted .ZIP file and give it back that way, passwords
transmitted by phone.

What would this cost?



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