[Tfug] Labeling components

Bexley Hall bexley401 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 28 19:06:11 MST 2009

Hi Paul,

--- On Mon, 9/28/09, Paul Scott <waterhorse at ultrasw.com> wrote:

> > I've got a random assortment of "stuph" that I draw
> > on to build/repair machines.  Most things are large
> > enough that I can label them without fear of the label
> > falling off or being so *tiny* that it is unreadable
> > (i.e., "old eyes").
> > 
> > But, memory just defies any attempt I've made at coming
> > up with a reliable way of tagging!
> How about small containers: little paper envelopes, small
> drawers in a little inexpensive parts cabinet, etc.

I currently have nice little cardboard boxes -- about the
size of two VHS tapes stacked atop each other -- that I
use for stuff in this size range (DIMMs, SIMMs, PCMCIA
cards, 10Base2 terminators, different flavors of SCSI
terminators, etc.).  But, to keep the boxes to a manageable
number, I will lump all SDRAM into one box, DDR into another,

I've run out of wall space for "little drawers" (I currently
have 840 "little drawers" filling one wall in the garage...
mostly with small things like various IC's, transistors,
resistors, TO3 heat sinks, etc.).  Otherwise that might be a
good solution (I *think* a DIMM would probably fit in the
drawer's length...?)

I just have too many *different* things (e.g., there are a few
hundred drawers full of different TTL, CMOS, etc. chips and
processors) to rely on sorting *everything* this way.  :<

I have no idea why a place like Tucson doesn't have
BASEMENTS in every home!   Cripes!  :-(


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