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Angus Scott-Fleming angussf at geoapps.com
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On 26 Sep 2009 at 11:13, earljviolet at deserthowler.com  wrote:

> I remember riding my bicycle to town to the local bbs because it was
> faster than 300baud modem.  :S

Something like this is still being done today.

  IP over Avian Carriers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Other avian data transfer methods

    Rafting photographers already use pigeons as a sneakernet to transport 
    digital photos on flash media from the camera to the tour operator.[2] 
    Over a 30 mile distance a single pigeon may be able to carry tens of 
    gigabytes of data in around an hour, which on an average bandwidth basis 
    compares very favorably to current ADSL standards, even when accounting 
    for lost drives.[3]

    Inspired by RFC 2549, on 9 September 2009 the marketing team of The 
    Unlimited, a regional company in South Africa, decided to host a tongue-
    in-cheek "Pigeon Race" between their pet pigeon "Winston" and local 
    telecom company Telkom SA. The race is to send 4 gigabytes of data from 
    Howick to Hillcrest, approximately 60 km apart. The pigeon carrying a 
    microSD card (an avian variant of a sneakernet), versus a Telkom ADSL 
    line.[4] Winston beat the data transfer over Telkom's ADSL line, with a 
    total time of two hours, six minutes and 57 seconds from uploading data on 
    the microSD card to completion of download from card. At the time of 
    Winston's victory, the 4GB ADSL transfer was just under 4% complete.[5][6]

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