[Tfug] windows to linux

Linux Media linuxmedia2 at aim.com
Fri Sep 25 12:00:08 MST 2009

Liz_Ravenwood at beaerospace.com wrote:
> just looked at docs--  this Linux box isn't connected to the network, so 
> I've been tryng to download rpm's to a thumb drive and installing them 
> over.
> Respectfully,
> Liz, Data Base Architect/Developer,
> Methods Engineering

Liz, you said you were New to Linux so I'll assume you're jumping around 
trying this and trying that and not really knowing where to start. It's 
even hard to know where you are in the process or what your perceptions 
are of how to proceed.

I wish this was tfug meeting night because so much can be cleared up 
face to face with a laptop, install disks and someone that knows 
whatever distrob you would like to try at the time.

I can tell you that as someone that has been running Fedora for probably 
5 years that it "just works". Most installs I've done (of every version 
of Fedora) has just saw my hardware, gave me sane choices and just 
installed without a hitch.

I'm confused were you are in all this. Is it possible to downlowad the 
'Net Install' ISO, burn it, and try that? Most likely it will present 
pretty easy to understand steps for installing. And all Fedora Install 
disks I've used have seen every disk I've had in my machines. Fedora 
usually has sane default formatting and set up choices that you can 
choose without modifying anything.


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