[Tfug] windows to linux

earljviolet at deserthowler.com earljviolet at deserthowler.com
Wed Sep 23 18:33:26 MST 2009

Hi, Liz,

I've been following your adventures and I have a few observations and

I think you mentioned Red Hat.  A while ago I tried to install Centos and
got the same message.  If I remember correctly, the Live CD ran great but
when I went to install it said there was no disk.  Unless you need Red Hat
you might want to try something else.

I don't think you gave specs on the computer but with the recent desk-top
included distros you probably want a PIII 866 MHz with 384 MB memory
minimum (this is my experience with Ubuntu, Fedora, and Mandirva).

If you don't care about XP any respectable distro will give you
installation option of "take the whole disk" and do it with no problem. 
Heck, try it, you have nothing to lose.  Start installing and see where it
takes you.

A live CD should let you know what hardware you have will and won't work.

Wet cat is undefined variable.


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