[Tfug] Source for notebook batteries?

John Gruenenfelder johng at as.arizona.edu
Wed Sep 23 11:13:21 MST 2009

On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 02:30:23PM -0700, Claude Rubinson wrote:
>The battery for my Thinkpad is barely holding a charge anymore, so I'm
>looking at buying a new one.  (Tried reconditioning but without luck.)
>Can anyone recommend a reliable source?  I'd like to avoid paying the
>IBM premium, but online vendors of notebook batteries all seem pretty

Hi Claude,

I've had very good luck locally with The Battery Factory.  It's on north 1st,
or maybe Stone... can't remember which.  Not too far from campus.

They have an incredibly large selection of batteries.  Back in 2003 I needed a
battery for my Vaio laptop, which was already a bit old at the time and they
had exactly what I needed and for a very good price.

More recently I've also gone their for replacement UPS batteries.

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