[Tfug] OT: cabling

erich erich1 at copper.net
Mon Sep 21 23:05:29 MST 2009

In my case,

          The video and audio are run on the local machine, and are 
exempt from high data rate limitations, The local machine also acts as a
workstation that connects to an internet server with office applications
& gimp thru a LAN drop.

           My workshop has a machine that focuses on dialing phone #'s and
financial bookkeeping and ftp also thru the LAN drop.

            It is wrong to have a machine that represents a central 
server for
everything. If a given computer is focused on a particular set of tasks,
it becomes easier to configure.

            Then there is the engineering project station in my 
workshop, also
on the LAN. I currently have a machine there that's going to be built
into a home theater PC. This will have LIRC, and be connected by
VGA to a wide screen. Once again we will avoid real-time attempts
to input video/audio from the LAN. It is possible to do this, but it
is an engineering headache.

Bexley Hall wrote:
> Hi,
> We've finally decided to bite the bullet and get rid of the
> various [duplicated!] media devices scattered around the
> house in favor of a centralized server (TV, phone, movies,
> audio, etc.).
> Currently, we have CATV, phone and CAT5 drops everywhere
> (i.e., all three in each drop).  The CATV and phone (CAT1?)
> lines will just be pushed back into the wall (in case someone, 
> someday, decides to revert back to more conventional wiring).
> So, all of the media traffic will appear on the CAT5 cable.
> Is there any reason why we would want to run a *second*
> length of CAT5 to each of these locations (besides covering
> our backside for cable failures)?  I.e., would there ever be
> a need for two active drops in the same location?
> [keep in mind, this is a home, not a place of business]
> Obviously, its easier to deal with the added wiring now than
> it is to plan on adding it later...
> Thanks!
> --don
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