[Tfug] OT: cabling

Bexley Hall bexley401 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 21 16:03:48 MST 2009

Hi Beef,

> > Is there any reason why we would want to run a *second*
> > length of CAT5 to each of these locations (besides covering
> > our backside for cable failures)?  I.e., would there ever be
> > a need for two active drops in the same location?
> In addition to what Zack said, it is always nice to
> have a second run to save your sanity on troubleshooting.

<frown>  Not sure I follow your reasoning...

Is it the *drop* you are troubleshooting?  Or, just having
a second node that you can plug in another computer (to
work alongside the "faulty" device that you are troubleshooting)?

In the latter case, I either use:
- laptop with 100 ft of patch cord trailing down the hallway
- laptop with a PLC modem
- laptop with wireless
in order of preference.

(of course, in the office, I just swivel my chair between
monitors  :>  )


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