[Tfug] OT: cabling

Bexley Hall bexley401 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 21 16:00:22 MST 2009

Hi Zack,

> That's basically just a switch in the device, which is OK until you
> want to transfer at gigabit speeds, as the phones are probably only
> have a 100mbit/s switch.    Also adds another point of failure.

Yes.  But, you can always unplug the phone and replace it
(or, live without it) to get that drop operating again.

> > And, on top of all that, there are already several drops in
> > each room (different locations to accommodate locating phone, TV, etc
> > in different spots as you rearrange furniture, etc.).  I.e.,
> > there are 27 drops in this place (yet only 3 bedrooms
>  :> )
> Ah, I was assuming one drop/room, thus the need for multiple cables
> per drop.  If you already have that many per room, no need for
> multiple drops + multiple cables.

Well, that was the point.  *Is* there ever a need (in a home
setting) for two drops in the same spot?  I just couldn't come
up with a realistic scenario (aside from office) that would
mandate this.

The bandwidth requirements for video, etc. aren't high enough that
you would *need* more than one (unless you were an elecronics
store with lots of TVs on display  :> ).

And, phone/audio is almost slow enough to run over a serial port...

I guess if you want to do lots of high speed transfers between
computers while watching TV on the same drop you lose a little...
(but it didn't seem like it would be enough to warrant the
extra effort of duplicate drops).

> > I put a 16 port switch in my office (I think there are
> > 2 free ports on it currently  :-/ ) but that is the only
> > place I really *expect* to find lots of network nodes in
> > a small area (three different printers, four servers, a
> > pair of PC's, etc.).  And, given the high equipment density,
> > I figure it is "acceptible" to deal with cables running
> > around the periphery of the room along the floor.
> Sounds like you already have it worked out there.

If we opt to reclaim the store room as "livable space" (it
is currently part of the garage), then I'll move the servers out
there and install a switch for them -- I don't see a need for
several drops to the main switch (since they are lightly loaded)
> One other note - for home use the 16 port SMC GS16 is fanless, if
> anyone is looking for a rackmountable unmanaged silent switch with an
> internal power supply.  You can turn the rack ears on their side and
> wall mount it easily too.

That's worth noting.  My switch is currently mounted on a wall
in the "furnace closet" (?) so noise isn't as big an issue
as ensuring it stays cool.  I *really* need to find a better
place for that but there aren't many out of the way places that
have power accessible and aren't going to be eye-sores...

Speaking of which, if I opt to do PoE, can I do that *outside* the
switch?  Or, does the switch have to be able to accommodate it?

> I've yet to find a silent/fanless managed switch with a
> decent (>16)
> number of ports - anyone know of one?


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