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Ray Reeves arizray at comcast.net
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I appreciate your insight. I was impressed with the install, it didn't even blink at my video issues that I had with Ubuntu 9.04. It automatically went after the updates, 395 of them, and installed all. It is different updating because it seemed that it would download one then there was a pause like it was installing the individual package. Not sure but it took a while. 

Also if I downloaded a rpm file the package manager automatically pops up and offers to install. Like that. 

I don't like the dialog that comes up making you sign in again every time you leave it for a while. I would like to defeat that!! 

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Ray Reeves wrote: 
> Well I hate to say it but I gave up on my trusty Ubuntu. I loaded Fedora 
> 11 with no problems. I still will have Ubuntu on my desktops but for the 
> lappy, I guess not. 
> Thanks to all for their suggestions........ 

Keep in mind that Fedora 11 is the newest and therefore bleeding edge. 
If you should having any problems, you may want to install Fedora 10 
because a lot has been worked out and the repository is full of fixed 

I don't know if you know how Fedora works, but a new release is kind of 
for the people that don't mind testing and writing bug reports or just 
don't mind the occasional bug. Although, I've had pretty good 
experiences with all the versions of Fedora I've used. 

I think most issues with Fedora 10 are pretty much flushed out. And I 
would assume that since each new version is bleeding edge that the last 
version would be reasonably considered 'an up to date OS'. 

Either way, don't forget to do 'yum update' to get all latest fixed 
packages. But your system probably has the package manager set to show 
new updates automatically. At least that's how it is with Fedora10/KDE. 


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