[Tfug] iPods

Nathan England nathan at paysonlinux.org
Fri Sep 11 23:34:45 MST 2009

>> That is my thinking as well. I tend to name my ogg files
>> based on the date, hour, minute and second they were produced. 
>> Then I know exactly
>> when it was made and the tag information has the details.
> Ah, interesting.  I was going to say "why not just look at the
> timestamp of the file?" -- but, that is easily altered!
> Good point.
> Thanks!
> --don

I setup recording systems for churches using linux boxes and audacity. I
wrote some scripts and a graphical program for whoever is running the
sound system to locate the saved file from audacity (usually a complete
noob) and type in some information about the sermon, then they click a
button and the script compresses to ogg and uploads it to a web site. The
webserver then recreates the download list of all the sermons based upon
the number of that sermon, which happens to be
yearmonthdayhourminutesecondservice.ogg which makes it really easy to
manipulate with a shell script. Then the webserver uses ogginfo to strip
the information required to recreate the web pages so WE can go to the
site and download the sermon we want based on speaker or message title or
whatnot and not have to care about the number I have named it.

Without tag info, the files would be completely useless!


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