[Tfug] Hackintosh

Bowie J. Poag bpoag at comcast.net
Wed Sep 9 05:31:13 MST 2009

erich wrote:
> I know,
>        Sadly, this list serve has become a forum to promulgate 
> opinions. Asking for help
> has taken a back seat, and the response, (for help),has become much 
> diminished from former
> years.  (Yeah, I know. another opinion? Somebody jump on it.)
> Erich
I've been on this list for over a decade. It vacillates between 
opinion/current affairs/help. If you don't like whats being discussed, 
throw something interesting out there. The only reason that "opinion" 
dominates the discussion right now is because nothing is happening on 
the other two fronts.


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