[Tfug] Hackintosh

Jim Secan jim at nwra.com
Mon Sep 7 14:26:52 MST 2009

Bowie J. Poag wrote:
> I recall it required setting the hardware profile to Windows 2000, but,
> no, everything worked just fine. That's actually how I first got into
> futzing around with OS X, was with a VMWare image about a year ago. Was
> nice to run it under the hood in Linux, and connect to it remotely.
OK, so I still lurk from Seattle.  This was too good to let go by.

I pretty much agree, although I won't go so far as to blow Linux off
completely, just the desktop yearnings thereof.  While OS X is my desktop
choice, and definitely has the horsepower to run most of my
number-crunching codes, Linux is still going to be my OS-of-choice for
number-crunching and for talking to and running instruments in the field. 
I can configure Linux to run with very little overhead (no windows) to
squeeze out every last CPU cycle for what I really want them spent on, and
it can be downsized to fit on simple hardware when you just need something
that speaks to other hardware.

The one thing that might get me to move my number-crunching to OS X is the
new stuff in Snow Leopard that is moving towards serious behind-the-scenes
handling of load-leveling/sharing among all the various xPUs in your
computer.  That is looking quite interesting.

And, you might want to be clearer in distinction between X (as in ex)
Windows and OS X (as in ten).  I had to read one of your rant-paragraphs
twice to figure out what you thought was dead.


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