[Tfug] Hackintosh

Bowie J. Poag bpoag at comcast.net
Sat Sep 5 16:22:26 MST 2009

> ROTFLMFAO!  <grin>  I suspect Bowie isn't a "big enough fish"
> (though, having never *met* him, I can't attest to his overall SIZE!)
> ;-)
Let them. I'm sure the jury would be entertained by various stories and 
photos of Steve Jobs & Co. ripping off everyone from Xerox PARC to AT&T 
on his way up the ladder.

It's hypocrisy several orders of magnitude greater than any one 
individual could achieve for a company like Apple to claim their 
"property" is being stolen.  I buy a toaster. I put Wonder bread in it. 
Until the makers of Roman Meal send me a Cease and Desist claiming i'm 
denying their company their rightful profits, i'll continue to enjoy my 

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