[Tfug] Hackintosh

Bowie J. Poag bpoag at comcast.net
Sat Sep 5 08:47:15 MST 2009

Jim March wrote:

> But the idea that Hackintoshes will take over from Linux on standard
> PC hardware for people fed up with Windows and it's malware is
> laughable.  
Ah yes, just like the idea of how a free Unix built by amateurs on 
commodity hardware would NEVER take over commercial Unix variants... Sheesh.

> First, the number of modern PCs that can be converted to
> OSx is very low.

Unless you find having a choice of 15 different models of AMD CPUs, 49 
different Intel CPUs, 16 different Bluetooth devices, 10 different 
Ethernet cards, 60 different graphics cards, 99 different motherboards, 
19 different sound chipsets, 9 different USB chipsets, and 39 different 
Wifi cards/chipsets somehow limiting.

> Second, once you do have it running strong, Apple is out to stomp you
> into the ground by any possible means: evil updates, legal threats,
> etc.  Geeks can stay one step ahead of them (unless there's a really
> nasty boobie trap in there somewhere) but regular users?  Not a
> chance.

Also incorrect. I install software updates on my Hackintosh all the 
time, no troubles. So does the wife. So do many.

Please speak less from your ass, Jim. It's starting to stink up the place.


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