[Tfug] MythTV and Cox/DirecTV

Tom Rini trini at kernel.crashing.org
Sat Jan 31 20:50:39 MST 2009

Hey guys.  I'm once again thinking about a MythTV setup and wondering
what my options are in town, wrt Cox Digital Cable (specifically the
digital cable package stuff like BBC America, G4, etc) or DirecTV.
After doing some research it seems like if the provider is "nice" you
can get a digital signal directly in, but if they aren't you have to use
an IR blaster and take the analog signal out of the cable box and bring
that into the capture card.

So, does anyone know what's possible with Cox (Comcast isn't an option
in this part of town) or DirecTV and digital channels?  I'm kind of
hoping to get rid of the cable-co DVR.  Thanks!

Tom Rini

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