[Tfug] Printing problem

Jim Secan jim at nwra.com
Wed Jan 21 16:19:24 MST 2009

Are you using CUPS?  If so, you might check the printer default  
settings therein.


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On Jan 21, 2009, at 4:15 PM, Daniel Duerr wrote:

> Hi all,
> Am having some problems with my system defaulting to A4 paper even  
> when explicitly told not to.  Some quick googling turned up a couple  
> suggestions for fixing this: system settings, program settings, and  
> using lp or lpr specifying the media size.  I've tried all of these  
> and that hasn't fixed the problem.  The settings have changed--and  
> remain changed, but when a job gets sent to the printer things  
> revert to A4.
> More googling turned up a bug with Okular (KDE's PDF reader--and one  
> that I use from time to time), that acknowledged that this was a  
> problem.  My problem, though, is that it's not just happening with  
> PDFs; it's also happening with plain text files and when using lp/r  
> and specifying a media size (letter in this case).
> I'm sure there are fixes for this that I'm just not seeing or that I  
> don't know to look for, and am hoping someone on list can help me  
> out.  So, any suggestions are very much appreciated.
> And, just in case it's relevant, I'm running the most recent version  
> of ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop manager.
> Best,
> Dan
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