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From: "Ed Wilson" <debed at debed.com>
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Date: 01/20/2009 03:47 PM
> Thanks for the responses. I apologize for not being specific enough.
> I was referring to the multi-platform job scheduler.
> Sorry for being so unclear.
> Ed
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> Subject: Re: [Tfug] [OT] Control-M
>> Ed Wilson wrote:
>>> Does anyone on this list know anything about Control-M?
>> Check out dos2unix and unix2dos
>> cheers
>>  Jeff
I don't know anything about the job scheduler but this thread made me 
smile this morning. Could our interpretation of the question have been 
any further off the mark? Still smiling.  :-)

Sometimes I wonder.  Were our faith able to stand upright and look around, would it be looking down at the mustard seed or standing in awe of the height and breadth of it.

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