[Tfug] OT: aiff file problem

Matthew Patenaude mnglfiddle at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 02:59:44 MST 2009

Hey guys!

I have a program on my Touch that records in aiff format (well, I changed it
to wav), and then I can use my browser to download it to my Ubuntu 8.10
desktop. Problem is, when I try to open the .aiff sound file, gnome crashes
and puts me back at a login screen. Everything is fine upon re-login, except
that if I try to open the file again, same thing happens. A check in
Synaptic shows I should be able to listen (I have the lib files and so on)
to aiff files, but I can't. That is movie player won't, I'll try to open it
with a different program, but does anyone know what might be happening here?

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