[Tfug] sda or hda?

erich erich1 at copper.net
Sun Jan 11 09:16:38 MST 2009

         I'm one of those guys that builds the kernel when I install a new
system. This time. I'm contending with 2.6.27-r7.
         It seems that kernels now understand only the designation of
/dev/sda[x] in an fstab file when once they did not.
         Traditionally, hda,hdb,... was the designation for a hard drive
(IDE ATA, etc) were sda,sdb,... was supposed to represent a SCSI drive.
         Are we just using sda[x],sdb[x],...,etc nowadays?

         With my grub.conf file, (This is  a Gentoo system), I can boot
with several kernels. Currently my box is running 2.6.23-r7, and
no problem: all the fstab partitions are set to /dev/hda[x]. However
I start to get complaints with higher versions of the kernel on bootup
about using this traditional designation. With 2.6.27, "this does
not compute", I get a panic. I suspect that this version does not
like the "hda" designation at all.


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