[Tfug] Cyber War -oh noes

Bexley Hall bexley401 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 7 18:26:04 MST 2009

Hi, Keith,

--- On Wed, 1/7/09, keith smith <klsmith2020 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Why does bill gates import labor.  Why has he not used his wealth
> and influence to identify the brightest and put them in an 
> environment where they can be challenged beyond anything
> anyone of us would have ever expected.

Shirley you aren't *that* naive...  :>  Bill Gates is a businessman.
His concern is making *money*.  "Excellence" is not part of the
equation.  MS is a follower, not a leader.  What makes you
think Billy Goates would be anything other than that?

> We are failing ourselves!
> Why do we fail to identify, mentor, and push, while
> providing for these people?

OK, turn it around.  What do *you* do to "identify, mentor and
push"?  ;-)


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